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Blood Donor Highlight, Glenn Gordon

Glenn Gordon, wearing GoBike

I work part time at Child and Family Services. My job is to keep the software running, whether that is working with vendors or writing it myself. I am an avid bicyclist, riding as much as possible. Last Sunday, 750 of my closest friends and I completed a weeklong trip along the Erie Canal - from Buffalo to Albany. My other hobby is public speaking with the Toastmasters organization.

My kids are all grown up. One son just got married four weeks ago, another son and his wife are having a baby in November, and my daughter has my grand-dog. We see them as much as we can.

I started donating platelets in 2012, at the request of ConnectLife (UNYTS at the time). I would come once a month until Covid-9 hit. I could afford the time, as my children were out of the house, and I understood the need was greater than ever. As a bicyclist, I also appreciated that donating platelets did not diminish my exercise capacity.

The people who inspire me the most are those who want to make the world a better place! Whether it is GoBike Buffalo advocates, ConnectLife blood and platelet donors, or Toastmaster presenters. My overarching goals are to reduce inequality in our society and to save the planet.
Glenn Gordon with pirate ship

I came back to donating platelets to help meet the need. I understand that ConnectLife needs 12 donors a day, and you don't always meet that goal. It helps that coming into the Tonawanda Donation Center is like walking into Cheers (where everyone knows your name). The staff, currently led by Suzie, is unfailingly friendly, and I am friends with a number of the donors who run on a similar schedule as mine. The points and the gifts are like a cherry on top.

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