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Blood Donor Highlight, Izzy Gritsavage

Izzy Gritsavage, blood donor highlight may 2024

I am from Attica, NY and have lived there most of my life. Most of my time is spent at the barn because I am a horse trainer. In my free time you can find me working with all sorts of animals or baking.

For four years, I was in my school's Donate Life Club and served as the president my senior year. It was super fun doing community outreach and teaching my peers about donation. I loved helping at the many blood drives and learning about the different types of donations. I also have immediate family members with leukemia and understand that there is a constant need for blood products.

izzy gritsavage, blood blood and horse trainer

If you are someone who is too scared to donate blood because of the needle, it’s really not bad. You barely feel it! The most painful part is when they take the needle out. Everyone is super supportive and friendly. I spend most of my donation time making jokes.

As a dedicated blood donor, I will continue to donate because I am able to, and it is a way to help my community.

izzy gritsavage donating blood

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