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Blood Donor Highlight, Jim Carrig

Jim inside Southgate wearing Hockey is in our Blood t-shirt

I was always told when I was younger that I would never be able to donate blood due to an illness. Although, my doctor at the VA ran tests and said there were no signs of me ever having anything to prevent me from donating blood. From there my journey began as a blood donor.

Ten years ago, I started donating whole blood. I was later asked by ConnectLife if I would be interested in donating platelets instead, and I immediately made the change. I am now 71 years old and a proud platelet donor, donating every two weeks like clockwork - unless I am not feeling well. Outside of donating, I love sports. My playing days are behind me now, so I love watching them live. I am also blessed to have a wife who shares my love for sports.

I have also arranged two blood drives to help get people in my life to donate. Many of my friends, family, and co-workers have donated at those blood drives.

Because my donations stay local, I’m proud to say I donate with ConnectLife.

Jim donating platelets wearing Not all Heroes Wear Capes

The people working at the Southgate Blood Donation Center help make donating platelets an enjoyable two hours in the chair. I have my appointments booked through June! Just knowing how important the need for platelets is – is the reason I will continue to donate.

If you are someone who is too scared to donate blood, I want you to know there is nothing to it. A whole blood donation takes less than a half hour. Platelets take two hours, but at times it seems to fly by. And the perks, which differ every month, are an extra bonus.

Has Jim's story inspired you to share your own? Submit your story to be our next hero highlighted as our Blood Donor Highlight here:

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