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Honor Your Hero, Stephanie Moore Verratti

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Story as told by Stephanie’s dad, Ken

Stephanie Moore Verratti – January Honor Your Hero

On December 2, 2010, my daughter Stephanie was involved in a car accident on her way to work. She was a fighter. She was revived three times during that day because she had many internal injuries.

Stephanie was signed up to be an organ donor. After Stephanie sadly passed, it was determined by her husband and our family that we should donate her organs. Her heart went to someone in New York City, and many other organs and tissues were used. One of her kidneys went to someone local, and we have meet him. In one of the letters that the recipient wrote, he stated that when he had opportunity to ask someone about her that and they stated that she was the best person he ever knew.

Everyone was Stephanie’s friend. Some people that she grew up with decided to keep her memory alive by starting a fundraising event at her high school. They were hoping to get enough money to provide a scholarship in Stephanie’s name at her high school. And it worked! The group was excited when they learned that they raised enough money to give several scholarships each year also help high school students in the Lockport community. This event has now gone on for 12 years and now includes blood donations to ConnectLife.

Stephanie Moore Verratti waving and smiling

Recently Lockport High School asked a question in a newsletter that said…

“If you could give a gift to anyone in the world, who and what would it be and why?”

Attached is the response by one of the teachers:

The greatest gift I've ever given hasn't been gifted yet and doesn't even have a recipient. My greatest gift is my registration as an organ donor. I was inspired by two former students, Stephanie and Lea. Stephanie (a former student of mine) was tragically killed in a car accident in 2010, yet she lives on in others as her organs were donated and helped to save lives. Lea, a former standout athlete, was the recipient of a lifesaving liver transplant in 2013, and since has become a tireless advocate for organ and tissue donation. These two young ladies inspired me to become a registered donor, so that should something happen to me, I'll be able to give someone else the greatest gift I've ever given...The gift of life. - Joe S., Lockport High School Teacher

We thank the Lord for Stephanie, now with Jesus. From Gods written Word, the Bible, John 3:16

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Thanks, Ken, for sharing. It must be a comfort in all your sorrow that Stephanie is still boosting many people’s lives. it was a privilege to know her, and a blessing to know her impact. This story should spur everyone to be an organ donor. Alane Donahue


Stephanie Moore is my hero along with Ken Moore, her father who I attended most of my high school with. The gift of organs is a way to keep memories alive as well as the people who were the recipients. She is missed, but not forgotten. M. Ulrich

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