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The Impact of Platelet Donations

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Platelet donations play a vital role in saving lives at our local hospitals including at ECMC, Western New Yorkʼs Adult Regional Trauma Center.

Headshot of Martha Metz
Martha Metz, MS, RN

Martha Metz, MS, RN works at ECMC as a Clinical Nurse Specialist – Critical Care and Emergency Services. She shares her first-hand experience working with the power of platelets.

“Platelets are needed every day, especially in a trauma center. Accidental falls make up 55% of all our traumas. In Buffalo and the surrounding areas, we have a large geriatric and medically-complex population that are often on many blood thinning medications. After a fall, while on certain medications, some patients may need platelets to stop or slow brain bleeds.

Trauma at ECMC
Inside emergency room at ECMC

Another example of trauma patients and hemorrhaging patients needing platelets are people suffering from gunshots, stabbings, and other injuries that require mass transfusions. They need platelets to help slow bleeding until surgical interventions.

In the emergency room, platelets can help to minimize the scope of a brain bleed and save brain function by decreasing the amount of blood causing pressure on brain tissue - which can permanently damage neurological function. Platelet donations are truly a lifeline for so many patients in need.”

During the month of May, ConnectLife is running a campaign to educate the Western New York community about platelets. Make the Platelet Promise, find a platelet appointment TODAY:


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