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Honor Your Hero - Brad Armagost

Story as told by Brad's sister, Miranda

Brad Armagost smiling

I would like to recognize my brother, Brad, our hero in heaven. On December 17, 2023, Brad was found unresponsive. A crew from Buffalo Fire Department-Engine 2 worked to revive him and transport him to Buffalo General Medical Center. At the hospital he was put on life support, heavily sedated, and never woke again.

December 16 was his last day. He stayed up late watching one of his favorite shows, Saturday Night Live. He loved comedy and especially the political satire in SNL. I find comfort in knowing his last night was spent relaxing, laughing, and likely drinking a gallon of Arizona Tea.

Brad Armagost and his family

My brother’s life was not always full of relaxing and laughter. He reminded me of Robin Williams, a guy who tried his hardest to make others smile while he struggled himself. Brad always made the best of life, always smiling and making others laugh. However, bad luck and trouble seemed to find him like no other.

Epilepsy ultimately became his demise. It affected his quality of life and his mental health. They say God gives you what you can handle, unfortunately that is not always the case. His last few years were difficult for everyone involved. Brad’s life was not defined by his health and troubles, it’s what came before that we will never forget.

Brad loved hard. He had more friends than anyone I know. Brad’s friends came from all walks of life. When it came to people, Brad did not discriminate. What everyone remembers most about Brad is his ability to make everyone laugh. Making people happy was important to Brad, and that was his gift. He was everyone’s biggest supporter and fan, he made you feel like a million bucks.

Brad Armagost and his best friends

I look back on my 38 years with Brad, and no one has loved me more or been prouder of me than my brother. Other than his love of people, Brad also loved hockey. He played when he was younger and even had the Buffalo Sabres logo tattooed on his heart. It was just the outline of a Sabre because he never had it finished - it just hurt too much!

Brad loved adventure, and he spent his healthy years skiing, skating, and rollerblading. Epilepsy took the physical part of adventure away from Brad. That didn’t stop him from finding adventure in other things such as traveling and trying new foods. Brad loved traveling, and in recent years he was able to visit friends in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Florida. Brad lived more life in his 41 years than most people do in a lifetime.

Brad Armagost and his son Owen

At the hospital, we were able to reflect on his unique and loving character, and many adventures that my parents probably shouldn’t have heard. During this time it became clear to us that this was going to be the end of his life. Naturally, this was difficult for friends and family. It was a roller coaster of emotions and medical updates that left us searching for hope.

As we began accepting his prognosis the one place, we were able to find hope through organ donation. Brad often talked about being an organ donor, he was passionate about donating any part of his body. Helping him fulfill his wish gave us hope in a time that we desperately needed it. We poured our energy and prayers into a smooth and successful donation of organs and tissue. This became our saving grace, and we are so happy that we could help facilitate his last and most profound act of kindness. I am so happy that his heart lives on in someone else, because my brother had the best heart.

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