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Honor Your Hero, Milo Harvey Jr.

Story as told by Milo's sister, NeeNee

Milo Harvey Jr. august 2023 honor your hero

Milo Harvey Jr. was my oldest brother. Our family is really close, and he loved his family. He didn’t have children, but he enjoyed his nieces and nephews. He was a courageous person and a leader.

He showed us that you can accomplish anything in life. Milo went to two different colleges, graduated, and went on to have a good career with his own office. He was constantly helping people, including the older people he always kept in touch with.

He loved to cook, and he was good at it. His favorite things to make were healthy foods like soup, tuna, tossed salads, beans, smoked turkey meat, greens, and sweet potatoes. He believed and trusted in God. He was proud of me because I am a Minister.

Milo Harvey Jr. sitting on the couch

You could often find him watching a series on the T.V. or playing cards. He was a no-nonsense person and was firm and focused. He typically liked to be by himself, and he liked his privacy. But he would always come to family functions and close friends’ events.

With his green thumb, he would grow the most beautiful plants. He collected small items like cars. Sports was his passion all the way. He was a basketball coach and a great player in the past. Football was another sport he loved. We would talk about sports with my other brothers, and I am the only sister.

Our family is so proud of Milo for giving the gift of sight through eye donation. He will forever be missed by me and all of our family.

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