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Honor Your Hero, Logan Smith-Carlos

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Story as told by Logan's mom, Stephanie

Logan Smith-Carlos, Honor Your Hero April 2023

Logan was a 16-year-old sophomore in high school who loved singing in the school chorus and select choir. He would simply light up the minute the music would start and move to the music as he sang. Logan also enjoyed acting in his school's musicals and played the part of the Wolf in Into the Woods shortly before his passing. When he wasn't singing or acting, Logan was active and competed in track and field and cross country running at his high school. Logan was also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and participated in the Kicking for Miracles fundraiser for Oishei Children’s Hospital every year.

He was a sweet and generous person who never really knew how special he was. Logan cared about every living being. He would hug trees and pick up worms in the rain and throw them back into the garden. Logan wanted to become a marine biologist and work with a rescue organization for marine wildlife.

Logan was also the type of person who would stop whatever he was doing to sit and listen to a friend in need, even as he struggled with his own depression, anxiety, and OCD. He was a truly caring and genuine person, who proudly lived his truth as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and encouraged others to be their authentic selves.

A group of Logan's friends and family at Out of Darkness Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk

Our family honors Logan's memory by participating in the Out of the Darkness Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk each year in Buffalo, NY. We also celebrate his birthday every year with some of his favorite foods and carrot cake! Now that COVID has allowed us to get together, we have also been holding a memorial blood drive in Logan's honor every year around his birthday.

Logan taught me to care deeply about the world around me, and I still honor him to this day by adopting an endangered animal each year, planting pollinator gardens, raising monarch butterflies, and picking up worms in the rain!

A group of Logan's friends and family at Out of Darkness Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk

Knowing that Logan's legacy will live on through the gift of life offers our family comfort as we mourn his loss. Going through the process of donating Logan's organs, eyes, and tissues also reminded us of how important it is to be a registered organ donor and make sure that the people in your lives know of your wishes. I was blessed to have spoken to Logan about organ donation before he passed which allowed me to make the decision with confidence and peace of mind that saving others is what Logan would want.

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1 Comment

Roman Abeles
Roman Abeles
May 06, 2023

Thank you for sharing Logan’s story. Praying for his family.

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