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Honor Your Hero, Ekaterina “Kate” Kolosova

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Story as told by her boyfriend, Dmitriy

Ekaterina “Kate” Kolosova hero of the month

Ekaterina “Kate” was the kindest and sweetest person I have even known. She loved animals so much; she had two cats and one dog. She always had a lot of energy and was very active at the gym. You could find her snowboarding in the winter-time and doing different physical activities during the week like hot yoga. When it was summer-time, she loved jet skiing.

Kate’s mom, dad, and younger brother and sister would describe her as a unique person with a unique personality. They all live in Russia, which is where Kate is originally from and I am from Ukraine. Kate was always happy and always positive. She was there to listen to anyone who needed help.

Kate had two diplomas that she received in two different countries. She was a social worker in Russia and also graduated with an associate degree in dental hygiene here in Buffalo, New York. Her big heart caused her to want to help people, and she loved both of her jobs.

“She was so kind and had a huge heart. She is in Gods’ hands now. She was a giver, and even now she gave everything to save people's lives she will never meet.”

The last thing she did in this world was save the lives of five people. She donated her heart, lungs, liver, and both kidneys. What else can I say? Thanks to her I was able to learn to love, forgive, and move forward, no matter what. I can go through life’s obstacles, reach our goals, and enjoy life.

Thank you, Kate, for that magic you brought to our life. Thank you, God, for the chance to stay beside this person. Thank you for every moment we spent together.

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