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Honor Your Hero, Westley Quintern

Westley with daughter Charlotte

Story as told by Westley's mother, Heather

From the moment our son made his grand entrance into this world on August 25, 2001 (he was two weeks one day early) to the moment God embraced him 20 short years later (May 1, 2022), Wes was always in high gear to get on with his next adventure. He loved life, and he loved living it. He knew who he was and what he stood for. He always reached for his dreams.

Westley loved the outdoors. You could find him hunting, fishing, hiking, urban exploring, and hanging out with his friends. He met Trinity his long-term girlfriend/fiancée in middle school. After they both graduated from high school and were living together, they had their first daughter Charlotte in November of 2021. It was only two days before his motor vehicle accident that they discovered they were expecting baby number two. His daughter Anneliese would grace us with her presence in December of 2022.

His first job ever was his YouTube page when he was just 12 years old. He then started working for Jim’s Steak Out while still in high school as well as working for a dental office as a front desk administrator. He then jumped to Enterprise where he discovered his love for working with vehicles. Ultimately, CARSTAR whisked him away from it all where he was learning a skilled trade of autobody repair.

Westley was very adventurous. He loved his car Madeline the Malibu and his motorcycle Natalie the Ninja. His newest bike hadn't been named yet, the one he lost his life on. A woman made a left hand turn into on-coming traffic that tragic evening.

He loved his family so much and would do anything for any one of them. He adored his daughter Charlotte, and we know he wanted to give her the world and teach her everything about cars, bikes, hunting, and fishing. He was very proud to be a dad even though he had fears that he wouldn't be good enough. The truth is, Westley would have been the best dad out there.

Memorabilia hoodie with Westley's photo

To honor his memory our family has created memorabilia hoodies, we have gotten tattoos, hosted golf tournaments, we have adorned his crash site, his angel plaque at the Children's Garden Memorial, and have done blood donations.

It has been a blessing to know our son has helped others in his passing. We hope to one day meet those who have been able to live because of him. He loved helping people, and we are honored that he lives on within them. We know that one received his kidney here in Buffalo and the other in California. Hopefully we can meet these people one day and rejoice in the life that lives on.

Westley would light up a room just by walking in. He was just amazing and very loved by everyone he met. He would make people feel special and feel like they each had a special relationship with him. He loved his friends and took care of them as family and that is the one thing that was so amazing about him.

Many of his friends have reached out to express their gratitude for having him in their lives. In his life here on Earth, Westley accomplished a great deal in what seemed to be such a short amount of time. He inspired others to reach for their dreams and live.

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Roman Abeles
Roman Abeles
03 mar 2023

Thank you for sharing this! I pray that Westley rests in peace.

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