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Honor Your Hero, Brandan Broadbent

Updated: Apr 22

Story as told by Brandan’s mom, Christine

Christine and Brandon Broadbent smiling at Niagara Falls

April 15 will forever be the day we remember the loss of an extraordinary young man. Brandan loved so many things in life, excelling at everything he did. As a young child it was clear that his connection with the physical and spiritual world was rare. An old soul as they say. One with nature, in tune to the emotions of those around him.

He spent his days seeking adventure in the great outdoors that he loved so deeply. Whether it be finding his peace within the depth of the forest and the creeks that ran through it, his beloved dog by his side; enjoying the thrill he found in skateboarding, snowmobiling, and 4 wheeling; or simply laying on the trampoline gazing up at the stars with his other half, his twin sister, Chelsea; his happiest moments were filled with the beauty of this earth, shared with those he loved.

As a natural entrepreneur, Brandan had the ability to see the value and potential in the simple things that most would dispose of. With a vision only he could see, he would begin his work creating something wonderful out of almost nothing. He truly was a diamond in the rough.

If you ever had the chance to speak with those who knew him, you would hear countless memories of Brandan doing anything he could to help those in need. With the soul of an angel, it was no surprise to learn that he was a registered organ donor. So many bared witnesses, to his selfless acts of love during his life, we are now witness to his final act of love; parts of himself that would be used to save the lives of others who so desperately needed them.

He was only 28 years old when he passed and already a hero to so many. Forever leaving us with his legacy of true love and compassion. A kindred spirit walked among us. One whose soul was made of sunrises and sunsets. Rising and setting each day to paint the world with his breathtaking colors. His heart filled with fire, capable of scorching the world with his passions. His eyes made from the stars and the moon, providing the light we needed amid the darkness. His smile radiated like the sun, warming everything around it. A kindred spirit walked among us, leaving a piece of himself inside each one of us.

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