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YMCA Knitting Group

Independent Health Family Branch YMCA

150 Tech Drive

Amherst, NY 14221


Greg Larson: Executive Director of YMCA location

Beverly Polito: Knitting Group Organizer

From our team at ConnectLife, we would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the YMCA Knitting Group in Amherst for these birth tissue blankets (pictured below). Beverly Polito and her knitting group are such a special group, we cannot praise them enough for all they do including taking the time to create these beautiful blankets.

Beverly and her knitters have donated over 100 blankets to our birth tissue mothers and babies who chose to donate their birth tissue with ConnectLife. This group ranges from beginners to advance crocheters and knitters who enjoy the craft and also enjoy giving back to the community.

YMCA Knitting Group

To learn more about our Birth Tissue Donation program, click HERE.

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